Thursday, November 12, 2009

Upcoming National Convention on Trauma: American Psychoanalytic Association, Division 39 (Psychoanalytic Division)

2010 August APA Convention - Division 39 Program

Thinking Outside the Box

A major challenge to contemporary psychoanalysts is the treatment of patients who have suffered severe early trauma. Contributions from differing schools of psychoanalytic thought, and from other fields such as cognitive science and infant research, have expanded our therapeutic armamentarium and made psychoanalysis available to previously inaccessible cases. Psychoanalysis has matured to the point where we can now have meaningful discussions -- not duels -- about differing ways of working with more challenging situations.

Because early experiences of pain may be before the time of speech, feelings may not be available for discussion and interpretation. Ways in which therapists creatively connect with and help transform early experiences will be the theme of this conference.

Information for submissions is available on the APA web site,
Chairs: Sandy Shapiro, MD , and Holly McMillan,

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