Friday, February 26, 2010

What Good Psychodynamic Therapy is All About

"What Good Psychodynamic Therapy is All About"

by Wendy Jacobson

......Actually, it is the troubled character patterns of humanity that are the daily bread and butter of psychoanalysts and psychodynamic/psychoanalytic psychotherapists -- the castrating hysteric, the covertly stubborn defiant obsessional, the orally hungry needy tormenting borderline, the self-defeating masochist, the disavowed or not so disavowed sadistic narcissist. These and a few others, with lots of interesting permutations and combinations, are the categories of people that make up the world. This is what psychoanalysts make conscious -- the patterns that disable and limit people -- ones that give ulcers either to individuals themselves, or to recipients in their orbit.......

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