Sunday, March 28, 2010

Assurance to those who bring difference (of opinion)

I would like to assure Robert Stolorow that there was no "cruelty and viciousness" and no attacks on Stolorow's personhood in the presentation in Tampa on March 21, 2010 by Philip Ringstrom. Instead, Ringstrom questioned ideas and pointed out, as he saw them, contradictions, or perhaps simply described an evolution of ideas. He also contrasted how other theorists might use terms and apply theories clinically. The recent post, without the original offending document, makes its contents hearsay.

While we are all grateful to the contributions of Stolorow in his describing the phenomenology of trauma, and we heartedly regret any suffering he endures, we also struggle to hold in tension ideas that contradict his in our attempts to practice perspectival realism, to give all self states a voice, and to consider the subjectivity and 'truth' of a myriad of ideas.


Robert said...

The direct quotes from the "letter of concern" are not "hearsay." The abridged version of my reply to the program committee's apology is not hearsay. My offer to send anyone the 38-page version of Ringstrom's "review" is not hearsay. A careful comparison of what I actually said in my book with what Ringstrom, in any version of his "review," claims that I said is not hearsay. "Perspectival realism" does not mean overlooking facts.

Lycia Alexander-Guerra, M.D. said...

The hearsay to which I referred addressed only the concern that Ringstrom on March 21, 2010 in Tampa would have been disrespectful or made any personal attacks. He was not and did not, as was evident to all in attendance. RIngstrom's scholarly critiques were much appreciated.