Wednesday, September 4, 2013

2013-14 Film Series "Children and Trauma"

Tampa Bay Institute for Psychoanalytic Studies, Inc
                                   in conjunction with
Tampa Bay Psychoanalytic Society, Inc.
   the 2013-2014 Film Series                

“Children and Trauma”

Psychoanalyst Ernest Becker: "[the child is] routinely punished for dirtying a tablecloth, spilling on the floor, for losing a sock: the message he gets is that he is less valuable than these things, that things are truer than subjectivity, that order takes priority over spontaneity, that outsides and surfaces are more vital than insides and depths."

DATE:             Sundays, monthly (see specific dates below)
TIME:              200pm-500pm
LOCATION:      Auditorium, 13919 Carrollwood Village Run
                         Tampa, Florida 33618
CHARGE:         $2 donation (includes popcorn and soda)
Informal and convivial afternoon viewing, then discussing a film. Facilitators for each film discussion include an academician (film, humanities) and a psychoanalytic clinician.

Film Title
Academic Discussant
Clinical Discussant

September 29, 2013          
The 400 Blows               
Silvio Gaggi                         
Lycia Alexander-Guerra

October 20, 2013               
Kersuze Simeon-Jones      
Diane Hahn

November 24, 2013           
Stand By Me                  
Scott Ferguson                   
Michael Poff

January 26, 2014               
Hope and Glory             
Armond Aserinsky             
Linda Berkowitz

February 23, 2014             
The White Ribbon         
Margit Grieb                       
Kate Lamson

March 23, 2014                 
Pan’s Labyrinth              
Madeline Camara               
Paulina Robalino

April 13, 2014                    
The Virgin Suicides       
Dana Plays                          
Stacie Lauro      

May 4, 2014                      
Warm Spring                 
Adriana Novoa                    
Loren Buckner

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