Monday, March 3, 2014


Paper dolls

Paper dolls linked hand in hand, stretched out in a row
Me standing between me, looking to and fro
Hard to see all of me when stretched from here to there
if I try to bend and flex, I easily rip and tear
And when the wind blows
The doll follows like a waif
Some almost letting go, not feeling safe

Better pull together, better pull in close and tight
Now we hold together,
what a lovely site
Fold one over the other,
like an accordion to play
Now there’s strength in numbers,
all here to stay

Each doll important, each make the other strong
All of me’s are different, but none of me’s are wrong
Hugging each other close, now we all belong
Not so easily ripped now, not so easily torn

And when the wind blows, now we flex and bend
Now there’s strength in numbers, now we don’t pretend

Holding tight together it’s much easier to be,
Now I see all of you standing in between me

by Stacie Lauro, MD
Psychiatrist, Psychoanalytic Candidate at TBIPS

co-created with and with much gratitude to:
Heather Pyle, PhD; Bruce Reis, PhD; Alice Bartlett, PhD; Lycia Alexander-Guerra, MD:

Bruce Gilberg, PhD; and, of course, Phillip Bromberg, PhD;  and to patients to whom I am very privileged, honored and grateful to be a part of ... and many others