Wednesday, September 24, 2014

the politics of inclusion

Two wonderful things happened this week in NYC:

Today The United Nations Security Council resolved unanimously to stem the flow of foreign terrorist fighters across borders, allowing Secretary General Ban Ki-Moon, in his address to the Council, to note how “enemies of faith…brutalize women and girls” and “target and slaughter minorities.”    He also said, “Eliminating terrorism requires international solidarity …[W]e must also tackle the underlying conditions…The biggest threat to terrorists is not the power of missiles. It is the politics of inclusion…and respect for human rights…Missiles may kill terrorists, but good governance kills terrorism…societies… free from suffering, oppression and occupation.”

And Melinda Gates highlighted the pressing need for gender equality (e.g. in education and health) around the world. [Despite the gender inequality unaddressed] in the Civil Rights movement, the tenet that ‘no one is free until we are all free’  still rings true, and women and girls have waited a long time for equality. Perhaps the wait is approaching closer its end.

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