Thursday, November 16, 2017


Happy Birthday, G!

From PBS NewsHour’s ‘Brief But Spectacular Series’ aired on August 10, 2017
G Yamazawa, Poet & Rapper, and teacher, said of the following piece, “I wanted to acknowledge this place in my life that i felt Iike I was proud of myself and all the things I’ve done up to this point”:

I think I’m starting
To rhyme more
‘Cause I want my life
To start connecting
‘Cause, see, I’ve learned
How to learn, so
Now I’m learning
How to teach
‘Cause I done learn how
To practice
Whatever I preach
Boy, I grew from a grain
Into a beach
And I knew
For the game
I’m playing for keeps
So whatever I say I say
What I mean
So whatever I speak
I’m able to reach
A place that bleeds
And a place that burns
And a place that knows
I got a lot
More to learn.

G Yamazawa

Shouts to Durham

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Anonymous said...

What a wonderful, delightful poem!