Wednesday, August 19, 2009


Now accepting applications for Fall 2009 Seminars
"Motivation and Emotion" Candidates will acquire a working knowledge of the basic psychoanalytic concepts of human motivation (drive, object seeking, self-regulation, mutual regulation, affect regulation, attachment, etc.) and the evolution of affect theory. Classical ideas about ego, conflict, superego, fantasy, etc will be considered alongside contemporary ideas about mentalization, intersubjectivity, and self-cohesion.

"Human Development: Infancy through Adulthood"
This seminar provides an overview to psychoanalytic perspectives on development and looks at: infant- objectcaretaker communication and attachments, self-object experiences, Kleinian developmental positions, transitional s and transitional space, relational paradigms, Freud’s psychosexual stage theory, cognitive development, contemporary ideas about the development of gender and sexuality, and intersubjectivity.

"Psychoanalytic Technique, Part I" This course will be devoted to the exploration of the psychoanalytic process, situation, relationship and dialogue. The implications of various analytic schools of thought will be considered in relation to: transference and countertransference, interpretive and non-interpretive communications, mutuality and asymmetry, empathic immersion, and clinical use of enactments. Core Concepts will be taught through the prism of varying schools of thought.

** Seminars may be taken individually or as part of certificate programs

in psychoanalytic psychotherapy or psychoanalysis **

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